What are some unique hotels in the world?

One of a kind, very special, lone, exclusive, individual, extraordinary, incomparable, exceptional, rare, separate, uncommon, solitary, unreal, utmost, peerless, nonpareil!

For me, the most "unique" hotels combine exclusivity and uniqueness of experience with utmost quality of service in an extraordinary setting. 

Despite some drastic editing, there are still way too many places, I fear for the monicker "unique"! What I have tried to do is to choose places which are both representative of a certain style (i.e, private island with super white sand, paradise beaches) and of different regions, the goal was to have as many possible style of places in as many different regions of the globe as possible!

Ready for the trip? Let's go!

No better place to start than Santorini, Kirini Suites & Spa Hotel one of the most picturesque island in the world. It's white, it's blue, it's black, it's beautiful.

The Med plus Tuscany, staggering views and excellent food.

Frank Gehry in a vineyard? Ultra-modern combined with rustic old village?

  • Propeller Island City Lodge - Germany
You are not hallucinating, yes this room is upside down! And every other room is unique and artistic and funny.

Only one room in this hotel, that's unique! Oh and it's on top of a huge Harbour Crane...Fully booked until 2013 though.

Magical place in the romantic heart of Paris, a microcosm of French culture.

  • The Ice Hotel - Sweden
You all probably heard about it by now and it sounds cliché but no, it is a real, unique, experience.

The hotel boasts a unique organizing principle: each of its ten guest 
floors has a theme, designated after a major category of the Dewey Decimal System

  • Dunton Hot Spring Resort - Colorado
For the nostalgics and the Western films lovers, the cliché "America" for us Europeans.

  • Post Ranch Inn - California
The Power of Big Sur and all its literary incarnations, some of the best views in the wordl but what I like the best about it are its fabulous Tree Houses.
  • Majahuitas Resort - Mexico
Super eco-friendly place where luxury meets wilderness and adventure.

  • Parrot Cay Island resort - Turks & Caicos
Just one of those idyllic white beach - palm tree resort you know...boring!

No beaches here? And it's in the Carribeans? Get out of here...

The ultimate jungle trip, right in the middle of the Amazon Forest.

In a huge desert in Chile, the beauty of emptiness and pure design.

If I had to rank them, this place would be my #1, most amazing setting you have ever seen. Good luck getting there though, completely lost in the middle of Patagonia, make you sure you zoom down in Satellite View on the Google Map.

This is paradise. Seriously.

A private island, nobody around, plenty of things to do - the perfect combination of lie-on-the-beach-holiday and outdoor activities.

The wild nature of Tasmania makes this place very exotic.

  • Southern Ocean Lodge - Australia
Probably one the most beautiful restaurant terrace in the world.

  • Longitude 131º - Australia
In the heart of the desert, with Ayers Rock right in your face at all times. Crazy.

Bali is one of the most magical place on Earth, the landscape is so serene but its the people that truly make this place..unique!

This is where you can fully appreciate the "Japanese way of life" in all its serenity, beauty and calm. A 'religious' experience even for atheists.

A mystical, little-known, place in the heart of China, full of temples and symbols, far away from the hustle and bustle.

Super-modern, minimalist design set in beautiful nature is what I love, I admit it.

The eastern coast of Malaysia is one of the last last undiscovered treasure of the tourist world, let's keep it that way...

Like a Maharaja in India!

And I could easily name 6 other amazing resort in the Maldives, it's all good and it's gotta be done at least once!

For me, this place is the ultimate in luxury in the world. Private island, own villa, etc...

Talking about ultimate experiences, this hotel ranks quite high too...

The Desert, in all its majestic beauty.

  • Vamizi Island Lodge - Mozambique
Again off the beaten pathbut oh so unique, everything and everybody here is still wild and pure and beautiful and good!

  • Singita Sweni Lodge - South Africa
No guide would be complete without the safari lodge of course, again a perfect combination of nature, design and luxury. Possibly the three main themes of our tour around the World's Most Unique Hotels.